Vifa (=Peerless) luidspreker units

Vifa Loudspeakers is a well known and respected name in the high end audio industry. Their products are highly regarded and widely used due to the engineering excellence, performance, and affordability that sets them apart from the competition. Many top notch loudspeaker designers count on Vifa components because they provide a level of consistency and reliability which is second to none.




Full Range

Passive Radiators

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A01_7235212 Hoog VIFA BC25SC06-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A02_7235211 Hoog VIFA BC25SC55-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A03_7235213 Hoog VIFA BC25TG15-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A04_7235276 Hoog VIFA D27TG35-06 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A05_7236204 Hoog VIFA DQ25SC16-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A06_7236203 Hoog VIFA DX19TD05-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A07_7236206 Hoog VIFA DX25SC05-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A08_7236205 Hoog VIFA DX25TG05-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A09_7236202 Hoog VIFA XT19TD00-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A10_7236216 Hoog VIFA XT25BG60-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A11_7236213 Hoog VIFA XT25SC60-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A12_7236214 Hoog VIFA XT25SC90-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A13_7236210 Hoog VIFA XT25TG30-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

B01_7235363 Mid VIFA D75MX-41-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

B02_7236104 Mid VIFA PL11MH09-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C01_7236145 Mid/laag VIFA PL11WG09-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C02_7236105 Mid/laag VIFA PL11WG09-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C03_7236107 Mid/laag VIFA PL11WH09-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C04_7236106 Mid/laag VIFA PL11WH09-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C05_7236147 Mid/laag VIFA PL14WJ09-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C06_7236107 Mid/laag VIFA PL14WJ09-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C07_7236261 Mid/laag VIFA XT18WO09-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D01_7236151 Laag VIFA PL18WO09-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D02_7236108 Laag VIFA PL18WO09-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D03_7236151 Laag VIFA PL22WR09-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D04_7236109 Laag VIFA PL22WR09-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D05_7236153 Laag VIFA PL26WR09-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D06_7236110 Laag VIFA PL26WR09-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

E01_7235428 Breedband VIFA TC9FD-18-08 € 0,00 [Product details...]

E02_7235425 Breedband VIFA TG9FD-10-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]

E03_7235423 Breedband VIFA TG9FSD-10-04 € 0,00 [Product details...]