Scanspeak luidspreker units
Scan-Speak is renowned for its commitment to quality, which we call "sound performance first". Scan-Speak’s technological developments improve time-related performance while optimising frequency response and reducing distortion. "Sound performance first" guides the selection and design of new materials and geometries. But no matter the specification, the final guideline for a design decision is the sound quality as perceived by the human ear. At Scan-Speak, we realise that there are no numbers, no equations, and no measuring instruments which can describe sound quality in its entirety. Therefore, we belive that subjective evaluation is the key to outstanding sound performance. This is what keeps Scan-Speak ahead of the competition, maintaining our position as the premier choice for state-of-the-art audiophile transducers.







Passive Radiators





Prijzen & levertijd

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Op deze manier kunnen wij u de actuele prijzen en levertijd doorgeven en eventuele vragen beantwoorden.





A01_73601000 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2004/602000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A02_7308512 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2008/851200 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A03_7308513 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2010/851300 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A04_7360000 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2904/600000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A05_7360001 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2904/600001 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A06_7371002 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2904/710002 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A07_7371003 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2904/710003 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A09_7309600 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2904/9600SE € 0,00 [Product details...]

A10_7309800 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2904/980000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A11_7309300 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2905/930000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A12_7309500 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2905/950000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A13_7309700 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2905/970000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A14_7309900 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D2905/990000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A15_72360200 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D3004/602000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A16_7236021 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D3004/602010 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A17_7366000 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D3004/660000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A18_72366200 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D3004/662000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A19_72366201 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D3004/662001 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A20_7308200 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK D3806/820000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A21_7370000 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK R2904/700000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A22_7370005 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK R2904/700005 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A23_7370009 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK R2904/700009 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A24_72366210 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK R3004/662000 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A25_72366211 Hoog SCAN-SPEAK R3004/662001 € 0,00 [Product details...]

B01_7304631 Mid SCAN-SPEAK 12M/4631G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

B02_7304831 Mid SCAN-SPEAK 12M/4831G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

B03_7308636 Mid SCAN-SPEAK 13M/8636-00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

B04_734531M Mid SCAN-SPEAK 15M/4531K00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

B05_734831M Mid SCAN-SPEAK 15M/4831G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C01_7304531 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15W/4531G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C02_7348310 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15W/4831G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C03_7308530 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15W/8530K00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C04_7385301 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15W/8530K01 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C05_7308531 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15W/8531K00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C06_7385311 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15W/8531K01 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C07_7388310 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15W/8831G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C08_7388311 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15W/8831G01 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C09_72347410 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15WU/4741T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C10_72387410 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 15WU/8741T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C11_738535S Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18S/8535-00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C12_7316831 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/16831G0 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C13_7345310 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/4531G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C14_734831G Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/4831G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C15_7385310 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/8531G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C16_7308535 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/8535-00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C17_7308542 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/854200 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C18_7308543 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/854300 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C19_7385451 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/8545/K00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C20_7308545 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/854500 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C21_7385460 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/8546-00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C22_738831G Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18W/8831G00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C23_72347411 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18WU/4741T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C24_72387411 Mid/laag SCAN-SPEAK 18WU/8741T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D01_7385550 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 21W/8555-00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D02_7385551 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 21W/8555-01 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D03_7348510 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 22W/4851T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D04_7388510 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 22W/8851T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D05_7388570 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 22W/8857T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D06_7302300 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 23W/0-00-00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D07_7302302 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 23W/0-00-02 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D08_7345570 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 23W/4557T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D09_7385651 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 25W/8565-01 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D10_7348670 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 26W/4867T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D11_7388610 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 26W/8861T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D12_7388670 Laag SCAN-SPEAK 26W/8867T00 € 0,00 [Product details...]