Peerless luidspreker units
Since the inception of the loudspeaker in the 1920s, customers have relied on Peerless and Vifa for quality sound and adherence to the highest engineering standards. These Danish brands are synonymous with quality sound and are found in some of the worlds leading home entertainment, automotive and professional electronics appliances. Customers rely on Peerless's power handling and ultra-low distortion, and on Vifa for natural reproduction and details.

Peerless Platinum, Gold, and Silver line transducers can be purchased from our world wide network of distributors or in large quantities directly from Tymphany. Our industry leading technology group is also able to engineer and manufacture high performance custom drivers.
Long known for outstanding performance at reasonable cost, the Peerless line continues to be the value leader in loudspeaker drivers. Our Peerless Platinum line (formerly Vifa) offers high end solutions from our world-class China facility.





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A01_810921 Hoog PEERLESS 104 DT 26 72 SF HDS € 0,00 [Product details...]

B01_830872 Mid PEERLESS HDS-106S € 0,00 [Product details...]

C01_830881 Mid/laag PEERLESS HDS-106 Exclusive € 0,00 [Product details...]

C02_830870 Mid/laag PEERLESS HDS-106 PPB € 0,00 [Product details...]

C03_830854 Mid/laag PEERLESS HDS-106/S PPB € 0,00 [Product details...]

C04_832873 Mid/laag PEERLESS HDS-134 Nomex € 0,00 [Product details...]

C05_830860 Mid/laag PEERLESS HDS-134 PPB € 0,00 [Product details...]

C06_831882 Mid/laag PEERLESS HDS-152 Exclusive € 0,00 [Product details...]

C07_830875 Mid/laag PEERLESS HDS-164 Nomex € 0,00 [Product details...]

C08_830874 Mid/laag PEERLESS HDS-164 PPB € 0,00 [Product details...]

C09_830883 Mid/laag PEERLESS HDS-180 Exclusive € 0,00 [Product details...]

C10_830851 Mid/laag PEERLESS SDS 3.5i longstroke € 0,00 [Product details...]

C11_830656 Mid/laag PEERLESS SDS-134 THP € 0,00 [Product details...]

C12_830887 Mid/laag PEERLESS SDS-134/S THP € 0,00 [Product details...]

C13_830657 Mid/laag PEERLESS SDS-164 THP € 0,00 [Product details...]

D01_830884 Laag PEERLESS HDS-205 Exclusive € 0,00 [Product details...]

D02_830869 Laag PEERLESS HDS-205 Nomex € 0,00 [Product details...]

D03_831868 Laag PEERLESS HDS-205 PPB € 0,00 [Product details...]

D04_830667 Laag PEERLESS SLS-213 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D05_830668 Laag PEERLESS SLS-263 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D06_830669 Laag PEERLESS SLS-315 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D09_830945 Laag PEERLESS SLS-5i longstroke € 0,00 [Product details...]

D10_830946 Laag PEERLESS SLS-6.5i subwoofer € 0,00 [Product details...]

D11_830452 Laag PEERLESS XLS-10 woofer € 0,00 [Product details...]

D12_830500 Laag PEERLESS XLS-12 woofer € 0,00 [Product details...]

D13_830951 Laag PEERLESS XXLS-10i titan € 0,00 [Product details...]

D14_830952 Laag PEERLESS XXLS-12i titan € 0,00 [Product details...]

D15_830842 Laag PEERLESS XXLS-269/4 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D16_830843 Laag PEERLESS XXLS-269/8 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D17_830846 Laag PEERLESS XXLS-269/8+8 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D18_830844 Laag PEERLESS XXLS-308/4 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D19_830845 Laag PEERLESS XXLS-308/8 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D20_830847 Laag PEERLESS XXLS-308/8+8 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D21_830878 Laag PEERLESS SDS-106 Passive € 0,00 [Product details...]

D22_830880 Laag PEERLESS SDS-134 Passive € 0,00 [Product details...]

D23_831481 Laag PEERLESS XLS10-Slave 400g € 0,00 [Product details...]

E01_830985 Breedband PEERLESS 2.5i inverted € 0,00 [Product details...]

E02_830984 Breedband PEERLESS 2.5i longstroke € 0,00 [Product details...]

E03_830970 Breedband PEERLESS 2i inverted € 0,00 [Product details...]

E04_830983 Breedband PEERLESS 2i longstroke € 0,00 [Product details...]

E05_830987 Breedband PEERLESS 3i inverted € 0,00 [Product details...]

E06_830986 Breedband PEERLESS 3i longstroke € 0,00 [Product details...]