Morel luidspreker units

What began as a dream in 1975 - to create the perfect loudspeaker - has turned into a life's work for Morel's founder, Meir Mordechai. Inspired by his love of music, Meir's quest to create the ultimate speaker has resulted in a company known worldwide for its dedication to providing superb sound quality. Along the way, Morel has built up an enviable reputation for technological innovation and design excellence.

Morel manufactures a wide range of high quality drivers and speakers including tweeters, midranges, and woofers for the mid- to high-end home hi-fi, home theater, and car audio markets. Morel's systems are sold in more than 55 countries around the globe.

Morel's products are made with exceptional care. They are all assembled by hand and extensively tested - undergoing seven different quality tests - to ensure they meet the highest standards.







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A01_754001 Hoog MOREL MDT-29 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A02_754004 Hoog MOREL MDT-37 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A03_754032 Hoog MOREL MDT-30 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A04_753036 Hoog MOREL DMS-29 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A05_753006 Hoog MOREL MDT-41 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A06_753008 Hoog MOREL MDT-40 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A07_753002 Hoog MOREL MDT-33 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A08_753038 Hoog MOREL DMS-30S € 0,00 [Product details...]

A09_753040 Hoog MOREL DMS-32S € 0,00 [Product details...]

A10_753046 Hoog MOREL Supreme 110 € 0,00 [Product details...]

A11_1381501 Hoog MOREL Supreme 130 € 0,00 [Product details...]

B01_753010 Mid MOREL MDM-55 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C01_753012 Mid/laag MOREL MW-113 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C02_753014 Mid/laag MOREL MW-144 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C04_1381506 Mid/laag MOREL HU-521 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C05_1381508 Mid/laag MOREL HU-621 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C06_1381509 Mid/laag MOREL HU-631 € 0,00 [Product details...]

C07_754062 Mid/laag MOREL HU-531 € 0,00 [Product details...]

D01_753018 Laag MOREL MW-265 € 0,00 [Product details...]